Undergraduate International Class

Launching   International  Undergraduate    Class for 2016 Student Entrance

The Department of Agro-Industrial Technology is appointed officially  to offer an International class in its undergraduate program starting  next year’s 2016 student entrance.   In addition to this  scheme,  DAT as international learning institution for agroindustry through international networking such as student and staff exchange, internship and international conference or symposium, international join research and collaboration...

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A visit from University of Antwerp

On February 11, 2015, Department of Agroindustrial Technology welcome faculties, Mrs. Sofie Krol, MSc, Professor Ir. Marc Wijnants;  Dr. ing. Gregory Van Barel and Dr Margareth Gfrerer, and one postgraduate student, Tine Van de Walle, from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The purpose of this visit is to discuss potentials of doing research collaboration.  Mrs Tine van der Walle will conduct her research in the Department of Agroindustrial Technology for four months started on February 16, 20155.  She will be suprvised by Dr. Erliza Noor and Dr. Yandra.

Figure 1.  Faculties of DAT and the University of Antwerp

During this visit, they visited facilities and research results of DAT such as instrument laboratory, Processing Technology Laboratory and Research Results display room.


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Virtual Market

Students of DAT were invited by the RAMP-IPB to be Involved in the development of prototypes and business models “Virtual Market of Circle Campus”. There are opportunities for students in the focus of the following three: the virtual market of software development, supply chain to the virtual market, and customer development for the virtual market. These activities can be synergized with the completion of the final project / research. Students will have the opportunity to get development facilitation and mentoring.

Students who are interested, please send an e-mail to Dr. Elisa Anggraeni ( elisa.anggraeni) before February 16, 2015. More information can be found in lab-link.id. (OS)

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